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Heathwood Institute & Press


Heathwood Institute and Press

Heathwood Institute and Press is a non-profit, critical theoretical organization. Motivated and inspired by the Frankfurt School, our aim is to offer foundational social critique as well as promote concrete, critical alternatives to the type of social policy symptomatic of ‘damaged society’. As a critical theoretical organization, we strive to not only challenge the existing field of research and policy in contemporary society. We also strive to fundamentally challenge from a foundational and multidisciplinary perspective the existing social model, and with a mind toward the concept of systemic change.

Originally founded in December 2011 by a group of well-respected researchers, academics and activists, we are now actively bringing together and supporting individuals who are leaders in their area and whose scholarship possesses the potential to break new grounds in critical theoretical study and improve our understanding of how to sensitively measure and foster ‘human progress’ in contemporary society.

While our aim at Heathwood is to not only understand but also to measure social progress from a multidisciplinary, integrated and methodologically unique perspective; our motivation is to also develop simultaneously a post-Frankfurtian critical theory and to collectively promote the idea of foundational critique. In the interests of social progress we are geared toward excellence in scholarship and distinguished merit in terms of providing ground breaking research in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Psychology and Education, and with the ultimate goal of communicating the findings of our research in an engaging, practical manner that is both applicable to policy makers and accessible to the general public.

Our Mission

The mission of Heathwood Institute and Press is to address the root causes of social, economic and environmental inequality. In the process we are committed to the promotion of an informed and engaged citizenry; to promote a foundational awareness and understanding of social, cultural, economic and political processes; as well as to fight economic and social injustice, and to protect the diversity of nature and society and the natural systems upon which all life depends.

By investigating more generally the idea of ‘damaged society’ our goal is to produce highly respectable, critical works, whose seminal theses offer the more broad foundations for concrete, critical alternatives which affirm the notion of systemic change and the need for fundamental public policy shifts. In principle, we seek to further this mission by advancing a new wave of critical theory in to the 21st Century.

Our mission is three-fold:

1) To understand the fundamental human issues that prevent individual and collective harmony and well-being, and that impede social progress as well as the healthy development of Western civilization;

2) To identify catalysts for change on a fundamental level across the different spheres of society;

3) To engage with researchers, policy makers and most importantly the general public in effort to promote critical dialogue as well as active leadership and participation in the manifestation of social change


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