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R.C. Smith


Author: R. C. Smith

ISBN: 9780957096103
Publication Date: 01-12-2011
Pages: 424
Format: Soft Cover
Click for a 10 Page Preview

Price: £14.99

Heathwood Press is proud to announce the release of its inaugural publication, Consciousness and Revolt: An Exploration toward Reconciliation.

This highly anticipated work by R.C. Smith is one which cordially speaks as both an urgent existential and social declaration, as well as a shapely series of philosophical reflections on the subject of ‘damaged life’. Penetrating into some of the deepest and most problematic issues presently facing Western society, from the ravaged state of affairs subject to the global capitalist vision of life through to the most intimate distortions of contemporary experience, R.C. Smith presents to both the academic and everyday reader alike one of the more substantive social critiques of the past few decades. Expressed through a tone of voice born principally from the eye of self-witness, sensing and feeling; Book I of the Consciousness and Revolt series is a work with as much critical sting as human sensitivity.

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