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Radical Philosophy 174, July/August 2012 OUT NOW



Peter Nyers, Moving Borders: The Politics of Dirt

Ackbar Abbas, Adorno and the Weather

Peter Osborne, Disguised as a Dog: Cynical Occupy?

Andrew McGettigan, The Privatization of Higher Education

Nicholas Ray, Jean Laplanche, 1924-2012

Nina Power and Erica Lagalisse on the Right to Protest



Matthew Charles on Benjamin’s Early Writings

Todd Cronan on Adorno and Horkheimer’s Towards a New Manifesto

Tom Bunyard on Stiegler’s The Decadeence of Industrial Democracies

James Ingram on Abensour’s Democracy Against the State

Jessica Schmidt on Posthuman International Relations

Christine Battersby on Alison Stone’s Feminism, Psychoanalysis and Maternal Subjectivity

Tamkin Hussain on Malabou’s Changing Difference

Douglas Spencer on The Political Unconscious of Architecture

Samantha Frost on Howie’s Between Feminism and Materialism

David Winters on Woessner’s Heidegger in America

Martijn Boven on Chris Danta’s Literature Suspends Death


Available £6 / $13 from all good booksellers, including Waterstones, Borders, Tate, LRB.

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Current and back issues now available exclusively to all subscribers online. Including articles, from 1972-2011, by Alliez, Althusser, Badiou, Balibar, Berardi, Bhabha, Bourdieu, Buck-Morss, Butler, Canguilhem, Cassin, Caygill, Connolly, Critchley, Cusset, Didi-Huberman, Duttmann, Feyerabend, Foucault, Groys, Hallward, Harootunian, Haug, Horkheimer, Lacoue-Labarthe, Laplanche, Lazzarato, Le Doeuff, Macherey, Malabou, Negri, Osborne, Ranciere, Segal, Sloterdijk, Sohn-Rethel, Soper, Spivak, Stengers, Virilio, and many others.

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