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Volume 11 Number 1, 2012, ISSN 1478-8047


Cathy Fagan. Editorial

Ana Maria Costa e Silva. Education, Citizenship and Mediation

Adem Öcal, Laima Kyburiene & Süleyman Yiğittir. A Comparative Study on Value Tendency of University Students: an international perspective

Marc-Alexandre Prud’homme. Students Doing Conflict Resolution? A Case Study in a Free School

Timothy W.W. Yuen & Eric Chong. Teaching Human Rights and Rule of Law in Class: a case study of two secondary schools in Hong Kong

Yan Wing Leung & Timothy W.W. Yuen. Competition between Politicized and Depoliticized Versions of Civic Education Curricula: the case of Hong Kong



Ann Jordan, Sarah Robinson & Paul Taylor. The Potential of History within the School Curriculum in England for Developing and Enhancing the Understanding of being a Citizen in the Twenty-First Century, with an Emphasis on the Later Primary Experience and the Start of Secondary Education



The Ingredient of Challenge (Carrie Winstanley), reviewed by Albert H. Chavez

Future Citizens: 21st century challenges for young people (B. Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, A. Zalewaska & A. Ross, Eds), reviewed by Angela Jaap

Globalisation, Enterprise and Knowledge: education, training and development inAfrica(Kenneth King & Simon McGrath), reviewed by Grisel María García Pérez

Knowing our Place: children talking about power, identity and citizenship (Judith Gill & Sue Howard), reviewed by Karen Ragoonaden


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