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Daily Archives: June 28th, 2012

Smoke Monster


Genetics: The Sociology of Identity

Sociology Special Issue Call for Papers

REMINDER – Deadline: 31 July 2012

There is still time to submit your paper to this special issue.

The special issue, for October 2013, addresses the many ways in which genetic knowledge and technologies intersect with the formations of personal, social, cultural, racial/ethnic and national identities in contemporary societies. It will bring together sociological analysis of identity concepts and practices with reflections on the role of genetic knowledge in the formation of contemporary identities.

Possible themes may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Genetics, normativity and the dynamics of identity
  • The role of genetics in creating and contesting racialised identities
  • Genetics, colonialism, imperialism and power
  • Genetics in social institutions: medicine, policing, immigration
  • State surveillance, including forensic DNA technologies and immigration politics
  • Genetic screening, and the remaking of health risk and at-risk populations
  • Social movements, genetic identities and the dynamics of identity-based activism around health, disability and other issues
  • New genetic identities
  • Genetics and the contestation and remaking of parenting and kinship
  • The geneticisation of sex/gender/sexuality
  • Fairness and equality: how wealth, economic structures, patenting, and the regulation of markets and products influence access to genetic testing and the ability to articulate certain identity claims

Editorial Team
Editor-in-Chief: Christine Hauskeller (University of Exeter)
Co-editors: Gill Haddow (University of Edinburgh), Steve Sturdy (University of Edinburgh) and Richard Tutton (University of Lancaster) 

Conveners of the ESRC Genomics Network stream on Genomics and Identity Politics

Full call for papers:


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