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The Multicultural Politic – Launch Event

With the London Olympics on our doorstep, a wave of complaints around police racism and youth unemployment at an all time high, The Multicultural Politic is hosting a debate on the reality of multiculturalism in Britain today.

We are also using this opportunity to re-launch our blog with a new logo and a strengthened editorial team, during a two-hour plenary and debate at Goldsmiths College in south east London.

SPEAKERS include:

KEN FERO – co-founder of Migrant Media and independent film maker, notably of the 2001 documentary film INJUSTICE, detailing the struggles of those who lost their lives at the hand of the British state. 

ESTELLE DU BOULAY – Works for the independent anti-racist and community campaigning organization: Newham Monitoring Project.

ADAM ELLIOT-COOPER – Associate Editor of Ceasefire Magazine, former member of NUS Black Students’ Campaign and former youth worker


The event also aims to provide a forum through which different campaigns and thinkers can meet and discuss action in London and beyond, in order to defend and extend the gains made by migrant communities, sexual minority, feminist and working class movements. 

Venue: Small Hall cinema, Richard Hoggart building (main building),Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London, SE14 6NW 

Drinks & nibbles will be served.
London overground stations New Cross Gate & New Cross (3 min walk)


The Multicultural Politic aims to provide a forum through which people from multicultural communities can come together and explore how we can build a more fair, free, equal and democratic world. We aim to serve as an information resource, discussion space and general stimulus for debate in the British political sphere, but also in the international arena.


Justin Baidoo
Co-Editor of The Multicultural Politic:
Twitter: @justinthelibsoc

Justin Baidoo
Editor of TMP:


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