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J-P Sartre


Call For Abstracts
UK Sartre Society Annual Conference
14 September 2012

The annual one-day conference of the UK Sartre Society will be held in London (venue to be confirmed) on Friday 14 September 2012.

The theme of this year’s conference is Sartre and Beauvoir on Ethics. 

We welcome papers (lasting up to 30 minutes) Beauvoir’s and Sartre’s life or work as it relates to ethics: literature, theatre, cinema, philosophy, psychoanalysis, biography and autobiography, journalism and the media, politics, etc, as well as on comparative themes: Sartre in relation to his influences, contemporaries or successors.

Please email paper abstracts (500 words maximum) by 15 June 2012 to the Secretary of the UK Sartre Society, Dr Jonathan Webber:

Authors of the selected papers will be notified by the end of June.


UK Sartre Society:



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