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Volume 11 Number 1 2012       ISSN 1475-7257

Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology

Stephen Gibson & Cath Sullivan. Editorial. Teaching Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology: an introduction to the special issue


Frederick Attenborough & Elizabeth Stokoe. Student Life; Student Identity; Student Experience: ethnomethodological methods for pedagogical matters

Viv Burr & Nigel King. ‘You’re in Cruel England Now!’: teaching research ethics through reality television

Rachel E. Maunder, Alasdair Gordon-Finlayson, Jane Callaghan & Anca Roberts. Behind Supervisory Doors: taught Master’s dissertation students as qualitative apprentices

Sally Sargeant. ‘I Don’t Get it’: a critical reflection on conceptual and practical challenges in teaching qualitative methods


Amy L. Fielden, Sarah Goldie & Elizabeth Sillence. Taking another Look: developing a sustainable and expandable programme of qualitative research methods in psychology

A. Claudio Bosio & Guendalina Graffigna. ‘Issue-Based Research’ and ‘Process Methodology’: reflections on a postgraduate Master’s programme in qualitative methods

Craig Owen & Sarah Riley. Teaching Visual Methods Using Performative Storytelling, Reflective Practice and Learning through Doing


Achim Elfering, Simone Grebner & Silke Wehr. Loss of Feedback Information Given during Oral Presentations

Benjamin A. Motz, Michael H. Goldstein & Linda B. Smith. Understanding Behaviour from the Ground up: constructing robots to reveal simple mechanisms underlying complex behaviour

Regan A. R. Gurung, R. Eric Landrum & David B. Daniel. Textbook Use and Learning: a North American perspective


Elizabeth Arnott & Margaret Dust. Combating Unintended Consequences of In-Class Revision Using Study Skills Training

List of books available for review


Qualitative Research Methods in Mental Health and Psychotherapy: a guide for students and practitioners (David Harper & Andrew R. Thompson, Eds), reviewed by Jan Burns

Ethnography in Social Science Practice (Julie Scott Jones & Sal Watt, Eds), reviewed by Dawn Jones

Basic Statistics for Psychologists (Mark Brysbaert), reviewed by David Scott

Biological Psychology (3rd ed.) (Frederick M. Toates), reviewed by Tom Hardwicke

Educational Psychology: concepts, research and challenges (Christine M. Rubie-Davies, Ed.), reviewed by Genovefa Kefalidou

Essentials of Sensation and Perception (George Mather), reviewed by Tony Reinhardt-Rutland

Key Research and Study Skills in Psychology (Sieglinde McGee), reviewed by Martin Tolley

Research Methods in Psychology: investigating human behavior (Paul G. Nestor & Russell K. Schutt), reviewed by John Malouff

Well-Being: productivity and happiness at work (Ivan Robertson & Cary Cooper), reviewed by Glenn Williams

Abstracts of recent articles published in Teaching of Psychology and Psychology Teaching Review

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