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Karl Marx

Karl Marx


Marx and Philosophy Society Annual Conference
Marx and Hegel

Saturday 2 June 2012, 9.15am – 6.00pm
Institute of Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1

Plenary speakers: 

Andrew Chitty (Sussex)
Recognition and Property in Hegel and the Early Marx

Emmanuel Renault (Lyon)
The Early Marx and Hegel: The Young-Hegelian Mediation

Frederick Neuhouser (Columbia)
Marx and Hegel on the Value of ‘Bourgeois’ Ideals

Graduate panels:

Herbert De Vriese (Antwerp) Breaking the Idealistic Spell: Marx’s Farewell to the Hegelian Ideal of Presuppositionless Thinking
Bue Rubner Hansen (Queen Mary) Hegel, Marx, and Singular Times
Jacob Blumenfeld (New School for Social Research) The Method and Object of Capital

Christopher Joonho Ro (Princeton) Capital as Collective Product: Mutual Interaction in Marx’s Idea of Alienation
David Marjoribanks (Kent) Universality and Particularity in Hegel and Marx
Jan Kandiyali (Sheffield) Kantian and Hegelian Strands in Marx’s Account of Communism 

£20 waged, £10 unwaged (provides annual membership of the Society)
To reserve a place in advance please email David Marjoribanks at

Marx and Philosophy Society:



‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)


‘Human Herbs’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

‘The Lamb’ by William Blake – set to music by Victor Rikowski:


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