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Daily Archives: April 26th, 2012

Marketisation of Higher EDucation

Marketisation of Higher Education


October 4-6, 2012, Institute of Philosophy, University of Leuven, Belgium


Confirmed speakers include:

Gareth Dale (Brunel University, UK)

Andrew Levine (University of Maryland, USA)

Katharina Pistor (Columbia University, USA)

Frank Vandenbroucke (University of Leuven, Belgium)

What has happened to the wealth of nations – and to their sovereignty? In Europe and theUS, the symbiosis of democratic political systems and a mixed capitalist economy has long been regarded as the best way to increase stability and prosperity. However, the nature of this symbiosis seems to be undergoing a radical change. What seems to be truly new is the extent to which processes of decision-making are dominated by markets, technocrats and non-democratic financial institutions.

This development raises a number of questions. If democratic policies are increasingly geared toward the demands of the markets, is this accidental or due to inherent features of democracy and/or markets? Will states and groups of states that deliberately released the force of the market be able to preserve their democratic nature and the values bound up with the very idea of democracy, or are we entering the era of so-called post-democracy? Has the market, in its turn, become a locus of political power in its own right or does it put pressure on the political sphere without modifying its nature? What kind of thing is a market at any rate? Does it make sense to attribute political power to something that operates completely anonymously and cannot be held accountable?

We now invite abstracts for papers that address one or more of these questions from a contemporary perspective and/or by reconsidering the legacy of thinkers such as Smith, Hegel and Marx.

Papers should be suitable for 30 minutes presentations (+ 15 minutes discussion). Please send an abstract of about 500 words to: no later than May 15. Those who submit abstracts will be notified by June 15. Unfortunately, we cannot provide for travel and lodging costs. For any questions, please contact

The conference is hosted by the ‘Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies’ and ‘Research in Political Philosophy Leuven’ (RIPPLE) of theUniversityofLeuven.

For information about the host institutions see and and


Organizing Committee

Prof. dr. Karin de Boer (UniversityofLeuven)

Prof. dr. Antoon Braeckman (UniversityofLeuven)

Dr. Lisa Herzog (University St. Gallen)

Dr. Matthias Lievens (UniversityofLeuven)

Dr. Nicholas Vrousalis (UniversityofLeuven)



‘Stagnant’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:  

‘The Lamb’ by William Blake – set to music by Victor Rikowski:


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APRIL 27th and 28th, 2012
Kellen Auditorium, 66 5th Avenue, New York

Whether by providing agitprop for revolutionary movements, an aesthetics of empire, or a language for numerous avant-gardes, design has changed the world. But how? Why? And under what conditions? We propose a consideration of design as an historical agent, a contested category, and a mode of historical analysis. This interdisciplinary conference aims to explore these questions and open up new possibilities for understanding the relationships among design, history and revolution. Casting a wide net, we define our terms broadly.

Papers will examine the roles of design in generating, shaping, remembering or challenging moments of social, political, economic, aesthetic, intellectual, technological, religious, and other upheaval. We consider a range of historical periods (ancient, pre-modern, early modern, modern, post- and post-post-modern) and geographical locations (‘West’, ‘East’, ‘North’, ‘South’, and contact zones between these constructed categories). We examine not only designed objects (e.g., industrial design, decorative arts, graphic design, fashion) but also spaces (e.g., architecture, interiors, landscapes, urban settings) and systems (e.g., communications, services, governments). And we approach design from a diversity of disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches.

Keynoted by Barry Bergdoll, Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art, and Professor of Architectural History in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University, this conference brings together scholars from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences with designers. We hope not only to present multiple methodological approaches but also to foster conversations across traditional spatial, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries.


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

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‘Human Herbs’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

‘Cheerful Sin’ – a song by Victor Rikowski:


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