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A one-day Conference on Political Economy hosted by International Socialism Journal

Saturday 12 May, 10:30am-6pm

School of African and Oriental Studies (Vernon Square Campus), Central London (Kings Cross/St Pancras tube)


Robin Blackburn (author of Age Shock: How Finance is Failing Us)

Alex Callinicos (author of Imperialism and Global Political Economy)

Guglielmo Carchedi (author of Behind the Crisis: Marx’s Dialectics of Value and Knowledge)

Esme Choonara (author of A Rebel’s Guide to Trotsky)

Joseph Choonara (author of Unraveling Capitalism: A Guide to Marxist Political Economy)

Kevin Doogan (author of New Capitalism? The Transformation of Work)

Jane Hardy (author of Poland’s New Capitalism)

Paul Mason (author of Why it’s Kicking Off Everywhere)

Guy Standing (author of The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class)

In an era of crisis, revolt and revolution, questions are arising that demand answers from the radical left: How is Marx’s analysis of capitalism relevant to the current crisis? Is the working class the agency which can overthrow capitalism? What forms of organisation and resistance are most effective in fighting for a different world? This one-day conference, organised by International Socialism journal, will bring together activists, writers and academics from different traditions and backgrounds to discuss these and other issues. 

Price: £10 waged / £3 students & unwaged

To book, call 020 7819 1177 or email


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