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Daily Archives: January 23rd, 2012

Karl Marx


Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 April (Easter) in Melbourne, Australia
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The conference features over 70 sessions on a huge range of topics – from radical history to women’s and LGBTI liberation, imperialism and the Middle East, socialist theory, the global economic crisis and workers’ struggles today.

Speakers include:
Malalai Joya. Outspoken Afghan critic of the American war and occupation. 
John Pilger. Multi award winning left-wing film maker 
Leia Pettey. New York unionist and socialist involved in Occupy Wall Street 
Gary Foley. Legendary Aboriginal activist
Chie Matsumoto. Tokyo based journalist, trade unionist and political activist 
David Meienreis. Activist in the German left party Die Linke 
John Tully. Author of The Devil’s Milk: A Social History of Rubber

Plus radical music and poetry


‘Cheerful Sin’ – a song by Victor Rikowski:

‘The Lamb’ by William Blake – set to music by Victor Rikowski:

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