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Daily Archives: December 21st, 2011



Volume 2: Issue II: Special Issue Part 2: Examining the Contemporary Relevance of Marxism

The second special issue on examining the contemporary relevance of Marxism has been released. The issue contains articles on Post-Marxism, Derrida and the Communist Manifesto, Cambodia and development, criminology and a symposium on imperialism and the neo-national bourgeoisie, including analysis of ‘Turkey’s turn to the East’ and ‘the changing formations of the power bloc in Iran’.

There are substantive replies by Mark Devenney, Simon Choat, James Tyner, Kristian Lasslett and Farhang Morady, and book review symposia on ‘Left in the Past: Radicalism and the Politics of Nostalgia by Alastair Bonnett’, ‘Marx at the Margins: On Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Non-Western Societies by Kevin B. Anderson’ and ‘The International Political Economy of Work and Employability by Phoebe V. Moore-Carter’.

Full contents are available at: (Includes Part 1 contents).

Global Discourse: A Development Journal of Research in Politics and International Relations:



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