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Capitalist Crisis


The 6th of December was not just yet another day!!

It was three years ago, on the night of the 6th of December 2008, when a cop killed (in the Exarchia district of Athens) the 15-years old anarchist Alexis Gregoropoulos. This was the drop that spilled the cup of state terrorism. Social revolt, nothing less, that was the only justified answer to the oppressive militarized forces deployed by bourgeois democracy to defend capitalist rule against what bourgeoisie considers to be, and treats as if it actually is, “internal enemy”: the proletarians created by its own neoliberal, oppressive policies. 

For more than a month, many thousands of people reclaimed the streets in all major cities of Greece, fighting back against police brutality, and calling into question the very reality of bourgeois political domination, by means of self-organized structures, popular assemblies, and generalized civil disobedience. It was not just an outbreak of youth rage, according to the way mainstream media presented the events, attempting to turn the attention of their consumers to the extensive damages in private and corporate properties caused by excessive rioting and street-fighting. It was, above all, a resurrection against the conditions that determine the everyday lived experience of workers, and particularly of young “flexible” precarious, unorganized, or poorly organized in unions, workers, in a conjuncture of time where capital tends to extend its domination over virtually all the aspects of social life.

On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, a demonstration organized to take place at the centre of Athens will mark  this year’s Anniversary of the December Revolt. Despite the fact that the ruling class has now established an openly authoritarian regime, appointing (this is the right word!) a non-elected “technocrat” government, so as to push ahead with so-called “reforms” depreciating directly and abruptly the value of labour power, both in Greece and in Europe (because Greece is the “pilot episode” of this global total class war), the revolutionary movement does not step back. And this is precisely what we should do everywhere, from Athens to London or Wisconsin: Not one step back!!!

If any comrades are interested to learn and to see more, I have attached to this message some links to texts and images concerning December Revolt and its aftermath:  

1) An article written by two members of OKDE-Spartakos (Greek Section of the Fourth International) six months after the revolt evaluating mostly the ensuing developments in the political climate:

Tassos Anastasiadis, Andreas Sartzekis: “Left perspectives of the December Revolt”, International Viewpoint, Online Magazine, 411, April 2009:

2) A Declaration written by the Surrealist Group of Athens, released on the 11th day of December. Some days later, a group named “proletarians from Thessaloniki” on their own initiative translated the declaration into English.

Athens Surrealist Group: “The Ghost of Freedom always Comes with the Knife Between its Teeth”:

3)  A collection of writings concerning the revolt, prepared by USA-based comrades. Several declarations written at that time are included (among them is also the “official” translation of the declaration of Athens Surrealist Group), along with two texts, by the group TPGT (Ta paidia tis Galarias, or The Children of the Gallery) and the Blaumachen collective, that try to analyze the character and the content of the insurrection from a Marxist viewpoint:

“A Day When Nothing is Certain: Writings on the Greek Insurrection”:

4) Another very interesting Marxist analysis (regardless of possible disagreements) made by the Blaumachen collective:

“December 2008, Greece: An attempt to detect the power and the limits of our struggle”:

 5) Another, more comprehensive, collection of translated texts and communiqués written during the revolt, prepared by a London-based collective. It contains also two chronicles of the events. The texts of this collection are highly indicative of the proletarian character of the revolt:

“Everyone to the streets: texts and Communiques of the Greek Uprising”:

6) A paper by the scholar and activist Stavros Stavridis, touching upon the collective appropriation of public space during and shortly after the revolt:

Stavros Stavridis: “The December Youth Uprising in Athens : Spatial Justice in a Possible City of Thresholds”:

7) And for the end, some short footage from the 1st anniversary of December Revolt in Athens, showing Athens University’s new look:

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!!!

You have my comradely, revolutionary greetings!





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