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Key Articles in British Sociology: Celebrating BSA Publishing!

2011 is the 60th anniversary of the BSA – and it’s not over yet!  In December, we are celebrating our long tradition of the publishing the best of sociology with Key Articles in British Sociology: BSA 60th Anniversary Special Collection.  This online collection is a celebration of classic and contemporary articles from the stable of BSA journals: Cultural Sociology, Sociological Research Online, Sociology and Work, Employment and Society. We have gathered together an impressive live of some ofBritain’s leading contemporary sociologists to select and reflect on those articles from BSA journals that they see as particularly significant.

Read Professor Geoff Payne’s comments on Class Analysis, Diane Reay on A New Social Class Paradigm, Professor Sandra Walklate on Crime and Deviance; and Dale Southerton on Consumption.  We’ll be posting more in the coming weeks so keep visiting the site to see contributions on Family, Leisure, Nationalism, Sport, Urban Sociology and more.

View the collection now and add your comments on the best of BSA articles:


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