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Eurozone Crisis


Friday 9 December, 2011
Doors open at 6 pm; the panel will begin at 6.30 pm
Brunei Gallery Theatre, SOAS , WC1H 0XG

Join us for a timely and urgently needed discussion over the future of the eurozone, the possibility of exit, and what it will all mean for the people of Europe . Bringing together leading economists, political scientists and financial journalists, the discussion will play a critical role in setting the terms of the debate for the tumultuous period that lies ahead.

The panel includes:
Costas Lapavitsas, professor, department of economics, SOAS, and lead author of a series of groundbreaking reports on the eurozone crisis from the Research on Money and Finance network.
George Irvin, professor, department of development studies, SOAS, and author of ‘Super Rich: the Growth of Inequality in Britain and the United States ‘.
Paul Mason, BBC economics editor and author of ‘Meltdown: The End of the Age of Greed’.
Stathis Kouvelakis, reader in political theory, King’s College London.

The panel will be chaired by Seamus Milne, associate editor at The Guardian.

Please register your participation (see link below or visit the RMF website) and arrive as early as possible.

Read the latest RMF report on the eurozone crisis: 

Jeff Powell
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
University of London
+44 (0)7817184435

The latest report by the Research on Money and Finance (RMF) group on the eurozone crisis, entitled Breaking Up? A Route Out of the Eurozone Crisis, is now available at



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It starts tomorrow,

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One Comment

  1. Economic Choices for Sensible Humans
    In managing the economy in any country, people and their government have to choose between four distinctly different available paths. Let us define them clearly and in simple terms:

    Model A:
    Maximize production & export; while maximizing consumption & imports. The results are: fast development; environmental degradation; and materialistic corporatism. (Capitalism)

    Model B:
    Maximize production & export; while minimizing consumption & imports. The results are: wealth accumulation; social disparities; and international hostility. (Communism)

    Model C:
    Low production & export; while maximizing consumption & imports. The results are: sovereign debts; loss of independence; and dysfunctional state. (Yet to know a name for this stupid system; suggestions are welcome!)

    Model D:
    Low production & export; while minimizing consumption & imports. The results are: slow development; low qualities; and weak defenses. (which are not bad as they may perceived). (Nationalism)

    Only these models are demonstrated in all countries and the citizens can plainly know which way their country is going to, and argue with their governments the wisdom of their path.

    So now what do people want? Do they want to be crazy; greedy; irresponsible; or vulnerable?
    If people look deep inside their souls the answer will be definitely obvious.

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