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Max Stirner


My new edited book on Max Stirner, which has just been published in a new Palgrave series: Critical Explorations in Contemporary Political Thought. This is the first ever edited book on the proto-poststructuralist thinker Max Stirner, and it will hopefully go some way to rehabilitating this much neglected figure.

The contributors are: Ruth Kinna, Paul Thomas, Kathy Ferguson, Riccardo Baldissone, David Leopold, Widukind de Ridder, and myself.

Here is the blurb about the book on the Palgrave website:

Saul Newman

Dr Saul Newman
Reader in Political Theory
Department of Politics
Goldsmiths – University of London
New Cross
London SE14 6NW
Tel: +44 (0)20 7919 7747


Max Stirner was one of the most important and seminal thinkers of the mid-nineteenth century. In the shadows of Hegel, Stirner developed possibly the most radical and devastating critique ever of the discourses of modernity, incurring the ire of Marx, prefiguring Nietzsche, and having a major (though often unacknowledged) impact on diverse streams of thought, from existentialism to anarchism and autonomism, literary and artistic avant-gardes, and postmodern theory. This edited volume investigates Stirner’s impact on critical thinking and social and political thought, exploring his radical and contemporary importance as a political theorist. In unmasking the religiosity lurking behind discourses of humanism and rationalism, and the domination of the individual immanent within liberal modes of politics, Stirner demolished the ontological foundations and universal grand narratives of our modernity. His thought has implications for contemporary questions of ideology, power, subjectivity, ethics and action, and opens the way for entirely new forms of politics.


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