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DPR Conference 2012


2 – 4 April 2012, Plymouth College of Art, UK

The conference considers what ‘Impact’ means for us, our work, our understandings and future developments. Governments, international agencies, funding bodies and policy-makers increasingly use this term. What does it mean?

The social sciences, creative arts, education and humanities are currently under attack on a global scale as funding is concentrated on STEM related subjects; but the threatened fields of scholarship are themselves evolving new ways of thinking and practice and new sites and methods of enquiry.

Practitioners and academics in the threatened areas are responding to the situation with vitality and determination: experimental, adventurous, playful, but serious in redefining boundaries and finding new ways forward. DPR 12 maps these emerging knowledge regimes, their impacts, the imagined futures they enable and the implications for practice, research, learning and teaching.

DPR and PCA have joined forces for this conference. DPR is deeply engaged in the critical interrogation of contemporary culture as it plays out in the academy in research, learning and teaching. Similarly, PCA is working with energy and passion to implement a vision of high quality education for life in contemporary arts practice. Bringing the two together is an adventure in creative synergy.

The conference explores the potential impact on each other of the creative arts and social sciences in terms of theory and practice.

All conference streams are designed to encourage contributions from across the creative arts, social sciences and humanities. Click here for details.

Conference streams:

Language, materiality, theory, silence, speaking

International, intercultural, transcultural impact

Research, learning, teaching: impact

Social Science, social work, community, wellbeing

Art Poetics: Practice as Learning, Learning in Practice

Sustainable impact



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