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Money Menace


Out now: new formations 72 Psychoanalysis and money
Guest editor: David Bennett

An international cast of psychoanalysts, cultural theorists, philosophers and critics explore aspects of the nexus between psychoanalysis, money and economics in the aftermath of the latest global financial crisis. Asking not only what psychoanalysis can tell us about financial crashes, but also what crashes may reveal about psychoanalysis, it stages a confrontation between two disciplines that have been mutually indifferent and mutually opaque for much of the past 100 years.

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David Bennett on economics and psychoanalysis
Bruce Fink on analysand and analyst in the global economy
Karl Figlio on greed and reparation in masculine phantasy
Viktor Mazin on Russia, the ruble, the dollar and psychoanalysis
Geoff Boucher and Matthew Sharpe on financial crisis, social pathologies and perversion
Paul Crosthwaite on expenditure, the death drive, and contemporary art
Stephen Frosh on psychoanalysis, anti-Semitism and the miser
Tan Waelchli on authority, regulation of standards, and the law of the father
Jean-Joseph Goux on psychoanalysis and the political economy
Campbell Jones on the market and subjectivity
Daniel Ross on Bernard Stiegler’s ‘pharmacology of desire’
Bernard Stiegler on drive-based capitalism and libidinal dis-economy

For more information on new formations:

Paperback, All rights L&W 2011
ISBN 9781 907103 339


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