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Eurozone Crisis


Date: 25 October 2011 , 18:00 to 20:00
Location: JG0001, John Galsworthy Building, Penrhyn Road

Econ Club Panel discussion on: The Euro crisis. Causes and Remedies
With Dimitris Sotiropoulos, José R. Sánchez-Fung, Engelbert Stockhammer and Nick Butler (chair)

Until two years ago the Euro was considered a big success: inflation was low and the poorer countries were catching up rapidly. But since then the situation has changed dramatically. Greece, Ireland and Portugal are in deep recession and had to request support from the other EU countries, because markets have stopped lending to them. A European rescue fund has been set up, but the crisis is spreading to other countries. What are the causes of the crises? What reforms does the Euro system need?

Dimitris Sotiropoulos is a Lecturer at Kingston University. His research focuses on changes in the financial sector and their societal implications. He has recently published Rethinking Imperialism (with J. Milios) He has been living in Greece until a few months ago and will give a first hand report of the situation there.

José R. Sánchez-Fung is Senior Lecturer in Economics at Kingston University and has been Visiting Researcher at the Bank of Finland in Helsinki. His main research area is monetary economics with particular reference to developing countries. He is co-author, with Subrata Ghatak, of the textbook Monetary Economics in Developing Economies.

Engelbert Stockhammer is Professor at Kingston University. He is working on the macroeconomics of distribution and financialization. He has recently published A Modern Guide To Keynesian Macroeconomics and Economic Policies (with E. Hein). He will give a Keynesian account of the crisis.

Nicholas Butler is Head of the School of Economics at Kingston University.

The Econ Club will organise regular extra-curricular events at theSchool ofEconomics to further discussing of timely issues in economic policy and theory. We hope for student participation of these events in the future.


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