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Registration has now opened for this event.  Please circulate details of this event to anyone you feel this may be of interest to.

Special Educational Needs: Changing Perspectives

Friday, January 13th 2012

This workshop is presented by TEAN, the Teacher Education Advancement Network. TEAN’s aims for Teacher Education are: to enhance practice, to support and promote innovation and development, to contribute to and help build research capacity; to contribute to policy development and implementation.

Venue: University of Cumbria, Lancaster Campus


SEN concerns us all; how do we ensure that all children and young people reach their full potential and make a successful transition to adulthood? What is the level of awareness of student and practising teachers with respect to children and young people with Special Educational Needs? What are your perspectives regarding SEN? The overall aim of this day event is for you to discover tangible outcomes concerning what to do in teacher education to develop student teachers and thereby benefit children and young people. How could things be done differently? TEAN offers the time and space to consider this vital area of education and to benefit from collaboration with colleagues from across the sector. In morning and afternoon workshops you will work together following presentations which will challenge your thinking and suggest innovative practice. You will investigate different layers from teacher educators to students teachers – and by extension, practising teachers – to children and young people and feed back your ideas to delegates on the day and then, through the TEAN website, to the whole sector both at home and abroad.

Keynote speaker

TEAN is delighted to welcome Professor Lani Florian, Professor of Social Inclusion at the University Aberdeen to give the keynote address for the day. She has written extensively on inclusive education and has consulted on special needs education and inclusion internationally. Her research interests include categorisation of children, models of provision for meeting the needs of all learners, and teaching practice in inclusive schools (inclusive pedagogy).

To present ideas on innovative practice in the afternoon session TEAN gives a warm welcome to: Christopher Robertson who lectures and researches in the field of special and inclusive education at the University of Birmingham and was a member of  the reference group for the 2009 Lamb report; and to the successful team from the University of Cumbria who run one of the very few specialised undergraduate courses in SEN/inclusive practice and inclusive pedagogy: Alison Feeney, Anne Gager, Graham Hallett, Verna Kilburn, Kären Mills.

Who is it for?

This event will be appropriate for all Initial Teacher Educators from HEIs or schools, and all those with an interest in teacher education.

How to book:

Please reserve your place by completing the registration form which can be found at:

This can also be accessed by going to  and going to the Diary of Events

Fee:  £90                     

Please note that our preferred method of payment is by credit/debit card although alternative methods of payment are available.

Closing date for registrations: 19th December 2011

For queries about the workshop content contact:  Telephone contact: 01524 385459 (internal 5759)

All other queries please contact TEAN admin at:

If you would prefer not to receive e-mails concerning further events or TEAN activities from us in future please contact


Kind regards

Helen Harling


Teacher Education Advancement Network
University of Cumbria
Bowerham Road


Tel: 01524 384193 (internal 4193) Administrator.
Tel: 01524 385459 (internal 5759) Dr Alison Jackson

Administrator availability: Mon 8.30 – 4.00, Tues & Wed 9.00 – 4.30.

TEAN is The Teacher Education Advancement Network. Its aims for Teacher Education are: to enhance practice, to support and promote innovation and development, to contribute to and help build research capacity; to contribute to policy development and implementation.


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