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Ben Linis


Second Call for Papers

Revista Pléyade nº8

Year iv, 2nd Semester 2011


“Sovereignty, Representation and Authority: Current Interpretations of Political Theology”

Carl Schmitt’s claim that “all significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts,” written in 1922, has proven to be influential in contemporary political thought. On the one hand, this claim has given rise to efforts to understand the inherent relation between religion and politics, both of which were traditionally thought as being separate regions.

On the other hand, Schmitt’s concept of political theology, which is based on the power of the “sovereign” has given rise to interpretations that connect the form of authority to dictatorship or theocracy. However, the current crisis of political representation signals the need to re-think the significance of the sovereign as the representative leader and/or of the people as an empowered body. Political theology has proposed an understanding of the relations of power between the representative and the represented.  

In this dossier, Revista Pléyade invites submissions addressing the concepts of sovereignty, representation and authority, both from the traditional perspective of an authoritarian conception of power, as well as from the perspective of democratic theory, or from new conceptions of the relation between politics and religion.  


Coordination Dossier: Ely Orrego Torres –

Submission deadline: October 28th, 2011

Languages: Submissions in Spanish or English  

Date of Publication:  December 2011


Submissions should be addressed electronically to:

More information:


Ely Orrego Torres

Editora Revista Pléyade
Centro de Análisis e Investigación Política


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