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Time for sociology to make its biggest impact yet!

We’re all trying to come to terms with cuts, riots, and all the wider consequences. There’s a lot of opinion out there. But how much substance is there to the debate? The 2012 annual conference promises to be dynamic, fiery, informative, and is definitely not to be missed.

Our themes this year are deliberately broad and all-encompassing, designed to appeal to the entire spectrum of sociologists and stimulate lively debate. We’re assessing the impact of austerity on law, families, education, healthcare, research, and much more. As an academic, a researcher, or a teacher, you are at the heart of the discipline. Your voice is important. Join the finest scholars from across the globe to lead the debate. Policy makers are coming to hear what you – the people with real experience – have to say.

It’s time for sociology to make a defining impact. It’s time for the public to know how important our work is. Help to shape the future of the world around you this year.

We’re now accepting abstracts for this year’s conference, so please take this opportunity to get in touch and contribute to the debate – we’re interested in all angles, all ideas, every argument.

To find out more about the conference, or to submit an extract, please visit our website:

The talk may be about austerity, but there’s no limit on thought. We want to show how progress is made. Come and have your say, or just listen to what’s being said, at this year’s conference. It promises to be yet another spectacular meeting of minds that stands to offer something for everyone involved – wherever they stand in the debate.


11-13 April 2012
BSA Annual Conference:  Sociology in an Age of Austerity
University of Leeds

Submission deadline: 7 October 2011




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