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A Crisis of Capital



Discussion Forum

Capitalism in Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Cure?


Speaker: Gerry Gold

Author of: A House of Cards: From fantasy finance to global crash


INCA (General Confederation of Labour), Italian Advice Centre, 124 Canonbury Road, London, N1 2UT

Nearest Station: Highbury and Islington


Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

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  1. I’m constantly reading opinions that this last crisis, which saw the light of the sun in 2008, and in which we are still globally sunken, is the most evident proof of the failure of Capitalism and Economic Liberalism, like now it’s its turn, after Communism’s death, 22 years ago.

    I’m afraid I couldn’t agree less.

    In fact, if we focus in some of the outcomes of this crisis, they will show that not only Capitalism is not in crisis, but on the contrary it’s gaining considerable strength and power.

    Just a few facts to point out:

    Concentration of capital. Money flow is now less distributed. Funds and wealth are now easier to control.

    Restrictions to Countries governments, now obliged to impose unpopular measures, mainly addressed to cut social costs.

    High rates of unemployment. Far from being a deterioration it’s preparing a quarry for future cheap labour
    Background for future unpleasant measures.

    “Natural” disasters in Society, turn out to be the perfect driver for executing wars, invasions, freedom restrictive measures, that otherwise would find bold opposition from Society.

    As anyone can see, now the different heads of the world financial system, have their hands free to operate at their own will.

    What would you call that?

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