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Raya Dunayevskaya

Saturday, April 2, 2011
1:00-3:00 PM
Community Room A, Westside Pavilion, Los Angeles

(Westside Pavilion is at Pico & Westwood Boulevards; Community Room A is on east side of the mall, third floor, behind food court; free parking in mall lot)

Kevin Anderson, author of Marx at the Margins
Dale Parsons, labor activist

Why have automated and computerized forms of labor, which at one time were heralded as leading to a dramatic shortening of the working day, led – in addition to persistent unemployment, even in non-recessionary times — to an increase in the amount of time that so many who do have jobs spend at work? To what extent do machinery and technology hinder or assist the effort to transcend the alienation that characterizes much of present-day society? To what extent does the development of the productive forces under capitalism create a basis for a new society free of alienation and overwork? We will explore Marx’s discussion of these issues – and that by the Marxist-Humanist philosopher Raya Dunayevskaya — in the section on machinery of the Grundrisse, his most important critique of political economy in the years before he finished Capital.

Suggested readings:
Karl Marx, Grundrisse,” pp. 699-712
Raya Dunayevskaya, “The Automaton,” Philosophy and Revolution, pp. 68-76

Marx’s Grundrisse is now online:

Sponsored by US Marxist-Humanists on the West Coast
More information: and

Future Meetings (same time and location):

May 14: PART 3: on Marx’s discussion of free and associated labor in the section on commodity fetishism in Capital.

June 11, PART 4: on Marx’s discussion of from each according to their abilities and each according to their needs – and the steps to get there – in Critique of the Gotha Program.


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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  1. An Alternative to Capitalism (which we need here in the USA)

    Several decades ago, Margaret Thatcher claimed: “There is no alternative”. She was referring to capitalism. Today, this negative attitude still persists.

    I would like to offer an alternative to capitalism for the American people to consider. Please click on the following link. It will take you to an essay titled: “Home of the Brave?” which was published by the Athenaeum Library of Philosophy:

    John Steinsvold

    Perhaps in time the so-called dark ages will be thought of as including our own.
    –Georg C. Lichtenberg

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