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International Conference. Views on the Commune of 1871 in France. New approaches and prospects.

Narbonne (Aude, France), City Hall – former Archbishop’s Palace
March 24-26, 2011

International Conference co-organised by the Centre de Recherche Espaces, Sociétés, Culture (CRESC, EA 2356, Université Paris 13 / PRES Sorbonne Paris Cité), the Commission Archéologique et Littéraire de Narbonne (CALN) and the Institut d’Histoire Sociale (IHS) – CGT of Aude

For the 140th anniversary of the Commune of 1871, an important conference will be held from 24 to 26 March 2011. Entitled “Views on the Commune of 1871 in France –. New approaches and prospects”, it means to bring forward the new works and original paths of research relating to The Commune of Paris, the Communes of the Province and the movements around The Commune which developed in France in 1871. This international symposium is the result of a unique collaboration between Paris 13-  PRES Sorbonne Paris Cité, a university of Ile-de-France (Paris area) and the research laboratory CRESC, the CALN, a learned institute created in 1833 and ISH-CGT, a militant institute of social history. It will be held in the town of Narbonne, which, in March 1871, witnessed the proclamation of a Commune.

This international symposium intends to focus on new approaches to the event and to open new prospects. Beyond questioning the contribution of modern research on the Communes of the province, it’s aim is to work at the margins of the global event so as to open new paths of research and to renew the national interpretation of the communalist movement inside an expanded geographical and temporal framework.

The choice of Narbonne meets the required objective: 40 years after the international Symposium organized in 1971 for the centenary of The Commune, researchers’ views on the Commune have changed. Holding this conference in Narbonne instead of Paris is also a symbolic way to insist on those changes: a greater attention will be given to provincial France, to the legacy left between 1848 and 1871, to the national dimension of the different “Communes”. This symposium will be an opportunity to highlight new research carried out on the anonymous actors of the Commune, the life in the different town districts, law and order, violence and the army, the cultural representations, the links between individual stories and collective history and eventually, the tensions between history and memory.

The members of the Scientific Committee of the conference and the speakers’ national as well as international fame turns this event into a powerful moment in this 140th anniversary; not only will speeches be delivered by renowned historians, but also by outstanding young researchers.

Lectures will be held in the two magnificent Synods’ Room and Consuls’ Rooms in the Archbishop’s Palace, now the City Hall, where the “Commune of Narbonne” was proclaimed on 24 March 1871.

Program and practical information are available on  or on the CRESC website:     

Free entrance, but registration required at

Steering Committee :
·         Marc César (CRESC, Université Paris 13)
·         Laure Godineau (CRESC, Université Paris 13)
·         Jacques Michaud (President of the Archaeological and Literary Commission of Narbonne)
·         Xavier Verdejo (Institute for Social History of the Aude)

Scientific Committee
·         Sylvie Aprile (Université de Lille 3)
·         Sylvie Caucanas (Departemental archives of the Aude)
·         Quentin Deluermoz (CRESC, Université Paris 13)
·         Laura Frader (Northeastern University – Boston, associate at the CES, Harvard University)
·         Jacques Girault (CRESC, Université Paris 13)
·         Christopher Guthrie (Tarleton State University)
·         Raymond Huard (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3)
·         Laurent Mc Falls (Université de Montréal)
·         Rémy Pech (Université de Toulouse 2 – Le Mirail)
·         Alceo Riosa (Université de Milan)
·         Jean-Louis Robert (Université Paris 1)
·         Jacques Rougerie (Université Paris 1)
·         Jean Sagnes (Université de Perpignan)
·         Benjamin Stora (CRESC, Université Paris 13)
·         Robert Tombs (St John’s College, University of Cambridge)
·         Paul-Henri Viala (Archives of Narbonne)

·         City of Narbonne
·         Languedoc-Roussillon Region
·         General Council of the Aude
·         Agglomeration community of Grand Narbonne
·         Local and regional organizations of the CGT (represented by Mr. Patric Grèze)

Scientific partnerships
·         Archives of Narbonne
·         Departmental archives of the Aude
·         Université de Perpignan- Via Domitia
·         Université Montpellier 1
·         UMR FRAMESPA (Université de Toulouse 2 – Le Mirail / CNRS)
·         Research centre on intercultural relations in English and French speaking areas (CRIDAF), Université Paris 13 – PRES (Research and Upper Education Pole) Sorbonne Paris Cité
·         Association Maitron Languedoc-Roussillon (represented by Mr. Raymond Huard)

Marc César or Laure Godineau

Postal adress : CRESC / UFR LSHS / 99 av. J-B. Clément 93380 Villetaneuse / FRANCE
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