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Call for Papers

Special Issue of Critical Sociology

Critical Sociology ( invites papers for a special edition on African-centered / Africana Sociology. Africana Sociology critically investigates and interrogates the social worlds of people of African descent from African-centered theoretical and/or methodological perspectives. This special edition seeks articles that address the major issues of identity, education, health, criminal justice, sexuality/gender, methodology, racism/oppression, religion/spirituality and intellectual history.

Despite the fact that this special issue is targeted at a sociological audience, we wish to encourage papers that have sociological import in the areas delineated below written by sociologists and others, recognizing that critical African-centered perspectives may be interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary in nature.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to) the following:
· The rationale for African-centered Sociology
· Definitions and conceptual models/orientations in African-centered Sociology
· History of the development of African-centered Sociology
· African-centered Sociology in literature
· The relationship between African spirituality/philosophy and African-centered Sociology
· Media images and Africana identity
· Sexuality and sexism in Africana communities from an African-centered perspective
· The training of Africa-centered sociologists
· The social viability of African-centered Sociology

We also welcome book review essays of recent and new publications within the domain of African-centered/Africana Sociology (contact for more information).

The selection criteria will involve: relevance to theme, clarity of paper, intellectual significance, and originality. Please send a 250 word abstract by July 1st to Dr. Nikitah Okembe-RA Imani, with full paper expected by September 1st. Solicited manuscripts (approximately 10,000 words) must be submitted to (further instructions will follow with the notification that your abstract has been accepted).


Dr. Nikitah Okember-RA Imani, Special Issue Editor


Professor David Fasenfest
Department of Sociology
Editor, Critical Sociology
Series Editor, Studies in Critical Social Sciences

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