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World Crisis


The variegated geographical contours of the urban crisis

Sara Gonzalez (University of Leeds), Stijn Oosterlynck (Universiteit Antwerpen), Ugo Rossi (Università di Cagliari) and Ramon Ribera Fumaz (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

As part of the Sixth International Conference of Critical Geography


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We call for contributions to a workshop where we will discuss how cities have been affected in different ways by the global financial crisis and what different reactions and policy responses are we seeing across the world. We are particularly interested in comparing and contrasting across different geographical locations to understand if and what general trends are emerging. Are we seeing the intensification of “unevenly evolving neoliberalization processes” (Brenner et al, 2010: 27) in urban spaces, glimpses of a post-neoliberal alternative or gradual return to business as usual? Are cities emerging as key arenas for (global) change or passive sites for implementation of policies? Can we appreciate different urban future scenarios?

Rather than a traditional paper based session we propose to have short presentations directly related to the questions above by participants bringing a particular geographical focus. In an interactive way we hope to start to draw the contours of how cities and capitalism itself are being remoulded in a geographically variegated way.

This session forms part of a wider research project funded by the Leverhulme Trust:

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