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Karl Marx


The Marxist Theory Colloquium at NYU is basically a monthly discussion group for Marxist faculty in the New York City area and a few invited guests that has been going on for about ten years. We generally attract 20 – 30 people to each session, which takes place in a room that holds 35.

Sebastien Budgen’s wonderful announcement service for radical books and meetings – which I use regularly – seems to have made a mistake this time, because our meetings are not open to the general public, and we fear that a lot of people who come because of the earlier announcement are not going to get into the room, including some of our regulars.

People with a special interest in this topic or speaker can email me – giving their background in Marxist theory – and I will invite some of them to the meeting.

We are delighted, of course, when anyone wants to know more about Marxism, but the purpose of our colloquiu m is to allow those who already know a good deal of Marxism to discuss Marx”s theories among themselves.   Sorry.

In Sollidarity –

Bertell Ollman, Department of Politics, NYU
Convener of the Marxist Theory Colloquium at NYU

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

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