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IV Seminar Cemarx – UNEB

Civilization Crisis or Crisis of Capital?
Date – 09 to 12 November 2010

Venue – Auditorium Aduneb
Campus of the University of Bahia-UNEB, Brazil:

Day 09:11:10
Opening conference – 14:30
The Marxist Reflection About the Current Impasses
Prof. Virginia Fontes (UFF / Fiocruz)

Day 10:11:10
Table 01 – 14:00
State, Power and Social Conflicts

Milton Pinheiro (UNEB / PUC-SP)
Jairo Pinheiro (UNESP)

Day 11:11:10
Table 02 – 14:00
Imperialism, Globalisation and Crisis

Sofia Manzano (USJT / UNICAMP)
Marcelo Fernandes (UFRRJ)
Muniz Ferreira (UFBA)

Day 12:11:10
Table 03 – 14:00
Civilization or Barbarism

Mauro Iasi (UFRJ / ICP)
Lúcio Flávio R. de Almeida (PUC-SP)
Osmar Moreira (UNEB)

Promotion: Cemarx / Uneb

Sponsor: Institute Caio Prado Jr. (ICP) and CMMG


Milton Pinheiro (Uneb)
Muniz Ferreira (UFBA)
Ricardo Moreno (Uneb)

Release of books and magazines:

Brasil e o capital-imperialismo
Virginia Fontes
Ed EPSJV / UFRJ Editora Fiocruz and

Outubro e as experiências socialistas do século XX
Milton Pinheiro (Org.)
Ed Quarteto

Revista Novos Temas (ICP)
Number 02

Revista Lutas Sociais (NEILS)
Number 24

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