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MARCH 18-20 2011


We would like you to consider proposing a panel for the upcoming Left Forum conference at Pace University in New York City, March 18-20, 2011. The deadline for submission is January 15th. We ask that you submit your proposals as soon as you can.

This year’s theme is “Toward a Politics of Solidarity”.

This theme speaks to a rising concern among leftists, progressives, social movement organizers, and radicals: rather than energizing the forces of progressive change, the Obama administration has left many of us politically fragmented, if not deflated. The theme, and its appeal to forge greater bonds between us, encourages an active stance to overcome such conditions as the corporate control over a media that gives an abundance of coverage to the Right while giving the Left little to none.

And while it is a theme that can brace us for what might well come after the Obama era, it is also a call to consider what we must do to prepare for that eventuality today. The theme conveys a message about the importance of dialogue, conciliation (e.g., of recognizing and addressing differences), reaching out, alliance building, and overcoming tough times. 

All are needed now. 

As you know, developing your panel topic, getting commitments from speakers, and preparing an engaged diverse panel experience takes a lot of time. When panel proposals are submitted near or after the deadline (January 15th), our small office staff is overwhelmed, and we are hindered in helping you in all the ways that we can. Hundreds of panel organizers work together each year to make the conference possible. Please consider starting this process right away by proposing a panel as soon as possible. To do that go to our website ( and follow the panel submission instructions, or click any of the links below. Note too that we have a new revamped website; more on that later.

how to submit a panel

Please feel free to call me or other conference organizers in the office if you have any questions.  I look forward to working with you and seeing you at the conference.

In Solidarity,

Seth Adler
Conference Coordinator
212 817-2003

P.S. Please forward this Call to colleagues, listserves, organizers and others you feel could propose and organize a panel.

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