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Education Crisis




Tuesday 5th Oct, 7pm, Kings College, The Strand, WC2

·      Striking tube worker

·      Ed Marsh National Union Students

·      Costas Todoulos (eyewitness to Greek revolt)

·      Jim Wolfreys UCU NEC


The cuts proposed by the Con-Dem government amount to a declaration of war on our education. Already 150,000 students have been turned away from university, hundreds of education workers have been cut and departments and courses closed down.

On Monday 11th October the Browne Review of university finance is likely to recommend a dramatic rise in tuition fees and facilitate the entry of private companies and market forces deep into the sector. This will be followed by another Con Dem budget day on 20th October with up to 40% cuts across FE and HE anticipated. Imagine what your university or college would look like with 40% of lecturers and staff gone, arts and humanity courses closed, library and support services stripped away….

We have to resist these plans to wreck our education and the future.

Last year saw students and workers taking successful united action to stop the cuts. The examples of Sussex University, Kings’ College London and Leeds University are only the beginning and show that if we fight we can win. NUS and UCU are already working together to build a joint demonstration on November 10th. This months TUC annual conference also called for coordinated industrial action against the cuts and a national demonstration for next March.

The Education Activist Network will bring together students and workers from across London’s Universities and FE colleges to discuss how we seize the initiative and build a mass movement that can fight for our education and our future.

Speakers include a BBC worker out on strike against the cuts during the Tory Party conference; a student from Athens University involved in the wave of resistance against austerity in Greece plus representatives from the NUS and the UCU. This will be followed by discussion including contributions from campaigns and struggles across London. 



11am-5pm Sunday 31st October

King’s College London & London School of Economics

Supported by NUS, London Region UCU and others


Alan Whittaker, UCU President; Usman Ali, Shane Chowen & Mark Bergfeld (NUS NEC); Professors Danny Dorling, Costas Lapavitsas, Steven Rose, Alex Callinicos & Alberto Toscano; Labour MP John McDonnell; Romayne Phoenix, Green Party campaigns coordinator; Sean Vernell & Jim Wolfreys (UCU NEC); Vicky Baars (NUS LGBT Officer, women’s place), Kanja Sesay (NUS Black Students Officer); Abdulrahman Alhadithi (FOSIS Head of Campaigns); Strikers, occupiers, trade unionists and student campaigners from key disputes such as Sussex University, Tower Hamlets College and King’s College London; Others including Zita Holbourne (PCS NEC), Ben Sprung (London FBU) & Graham Turner (GFC Economics)


– Activist-led workshops on how to build strikes, occupations and campaigns
– Radical academics debate cuts, crisis, inequality and the future of education
– Meetings on the Islamophobic clampdown in our universities, the academic boycott for Palestine, and other key questions facing the movement
– A forum on the struggle in Europe with participants from Greece, Austria, Britain and Germany

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