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A roundtable discussion for the launch of issue 2 of the Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies

Faisal Devji, Saul Newman, Kevin McDonald & Nathan Coombs

February 25th 2010, 6PM, Goldsmiths College

The second issue of the Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies will be launched with a special event at Goldsmiths College in London – a roundtable on ‘Transnational Militancy in the 21st Century’ based on a discussion conducted, and to be published in the forthcoming issue. The participants will be Faisal Devji (author: The Terrorist in Search of Humanity),Kevin McDonald (Global Movements: Action and Culture), Saul Newman (Politics Most Unusual: Violence, Sovereignty and Democracy in the War on Terror) & Nathan Coombs (editor-in-chief for issue 2 of the JCGS).

Amongst the themes explored will be: the relationship of transnational politics to the possibility of militancy; what/who is a militant subject? what are militant demands today (none, some, infinitely many?); and what developments might we see throughout the rest of the 21st century?

The event is free and unticketed. It is scheduled for 25th February 2010, 6-8PMat Goldsmiths College, room Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre (BPB LT).

For a campus map of Goldsmiths College:


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