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Daily Archives: December 30th, 2009

Capitalist Crisis


Apparently, persons at the self-esteemed National Association of Scholars seem a little perturbed and disgruntled regarding the contents of the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies (JCEPS). One of their eminent amd most dashing of  ‘scholars’, a certain Ashley Thorne, has keyboarded two recent articles ‘revealing’ that the JCEPS publishes Marxist-inspired and other Left-inclined critical analyses of education. Well, I never! What a ‘world exclusive’ of prodigious proportions! First rate journalism!  

Thorne’s ‘arguments’ are wilfully misinforming and pseudo-indignant, but what these articles indicate is that elements on the radical Right are getting a tad jittery about the relative success of Marxist and Left critiques of capitalist schooling. As well they might, given the current crisis of capital and its consequences for education and training in the politics of austerity.  

The two epic articles can be observed at:

Thorne, A. (2009a) Guided by a Red Star: Ed Schools Bring Frankenstein to the Cradle of Marxism, The National Association of Scholars, 15th December, online at:

Thorne, A. (2009b) Che Lives? The National Association of Scholars, 29th December, online at:

You can view the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies at:

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski