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Youth Fight for Jobs LONDON NEWSLETTER


Youth unemployment stands on the verge of 1million – That’s 1 in 5 young people unemployed. Whilst the government can afford to spend billions bailing out the banks it can’t afford to put money into decent jobs and free education for young people. Education offer no alternative to the dole queues – universities are set to increase fees to at least £7,000 per year, putting university out of reach for most ordinary people. For young people that have a job, it often comes with a lower minimum wage, worse conditions and poor contracts.

Youth Fight for Jobs was set up in March to provide an alternative to people who want to fight back against unemployment. We had a launch ‘March for Jobs’ where 600 young people marched through the four poorest boroughs of London demanding decent jobs and conditions. Since then the campaign has grown. We have become the focal point for the media on the fight against youth unemployment and have held activity, fortnights of action, protests against the releasing of unemployment figures, meetings, gigs and stunts.

We have a national demonstration taking place on the 28th November marching under the banner of ‘for real jobs – for free education’. For this demonstration we will be doing activity all over London and would like you to get involved in helping us build the campaign and local groups. See:

We are also organising a day of action on the 21st November (the week before the demonstration) where we will be leafleting estates, doing stunts and postering around the route of the demonstration which we would like you to get involved in.

We are organising activity across London including:





Tower Hamlets



West Central

East London



Lambeth & Southwark


If you would like to get involved in this activity or want help building in your area/school/college/workplace- contact us through the number and email below. Enclosed are a few leaflets for the campaign and also a membership card to join the campaign for £4 waged/£1unwaged.

Yours Sincerely,

Suzanne Beishon, Youth Fight for Jobs Steering Committee, 07716610893,

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