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The Labour Debate

The Labour Debate



1. ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR/MUTE MAGAZINE DISCUSSION, 4-6pm, Saturday 24th October, London 

Capitalism’s Present Crisis – How Will It End? 

The capitalist system is facing years of crisis and social instability. This raises two questions: 

1) What caused the crisis? Was it ‘greedy bankers’, the natural tendencies of the capitalist system, or the resistance of the working class? 

2) How will the crisis end? Will it be with more state regulation, more cuts in living standards or with working class revolution? 

The London Anarchist Bookfair and Mute Magazine have invited three speakers to debate these issues: 

Paul Mason, a presenter on BBC’s Newsnight, and author of Meltdown: The End of the Age of Greed

John Holloway, author of Change The World Without Taking Power <> and Crack Capitalism (forthcoming). 

William Dixon, Mute Magazine contributor. 

The discussion will take place at the Skeel Lecture Theatre, Anarchist Bookfair, Queen Mary & Westfield college, Mile End Road, London E1, Mile End tube. 

For further information on the Anarchist Bookfair, including a roster of many other talks, go to: 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


7-9pm, Monday 26th October, London 

At the height of the anti-capitalist movement, John Holloway’s book Change The World without Taking Power<>provoked an international debate*. Eight years later, after the failure of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined with the failure of the capitalist economy, anti-capitalism is back on the agenda. 

John Holloway will introduce his forthcoming book, Crack Capitalism, followed by a discussion on how we can change the world without repeating the tragedies of twentieth century socialism. 

Come and join the debate. 

*To read the debate around the book Change The World Without Taking Power, go to: 

VENUE: The Octagon Room*, Queen’s Building, Queen Mary & Westfield College, Mile End Road, London E1, Mile End Tube. (The event will be followed by a social at the Half Moon pub, 213-233 Mile End Road, London E1) 

*NB There is a small chance that the room in which the event is held may be altered. Check for up to date information closer to the date. 

Supported by Mute Magazine (mute AT and the Queen Mary & Westfield School of Business and Management

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