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King’s College London Reading Capital Society
September 29th 2009

What are the origins of the current economic crisis? What is the future for capitalism? Mainstream neo-liberal economics presents us with very few satisfactory answers to these questions. For this reason many people are now looking again at the works of Karl Marx and his critique of capitalism.

The Reading Capital Movement is a fortnightly seminar organised by students discussing the main issues & themes raised in Karl Marx’s work Das Kapital.

It brings together students from across a range of disciplines and intellectual backgrounds to introduce and debate ideas about the work.

The group is open to anyone with an interest in finding out more about Marx’s work.

So welcome to all those who’ve just joined us and welcome back to those who were involved last year. We had a very successful launch last January of over 60 people and a group of about 20 of us began reading and discussing throughout the second semester.

– – –

1) Re-launch with Ben Fine:

This year the group is very lucky to be re-launching with a talk by Professor Ben Fine from SOAS (co-author of “Marx’s ‘Capital'”) on:

Why read Capital? Marx in the 21st Century

Tuesday October 13th 2009, 6pm, Room 2.42, F-WB Building, Waterloo Campus, King’s College London

All welcome – no matter whether you are simply interested in Marx or have some tough questions about Marxist economics.

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2) Join Reading Capital @ KCLSU:

Also please join the society officially at:

This will enable us to keep booking meetings, getting great speakers and to develop a lending library that will be a fantastic resource for the group.

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3) The Future of Capitalism:

We are very pleased to be able to announce that Reading Capital will be co-hosting a debate on the Future of Capitalism with the KCL Business Club.

Martin Wolf (chief economic commentator, Financial Times) will be debating Alex Callinicos (author of ‘Revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx’ & Professor of European Studies at KCL) about the roots of the current economic crisis and the prospects for capitalism as a whole.

Put the details in your diary now:
The Future of Capitalism
A Public Debate
Alex Callinicos & Martin Wolf

Monday 2nd November, 6:30pm, Great Hall, King’s College, London

We will send out more details closer to the event.

– – –

And finally …

The KCL Reading Capital group was inspired by a Reading Group initiated by the Marxist geographer David Harvey at CUNY (New York) – videos of these seminars can be seen online at:

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