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Neat Marxism

Neat Marxism


Friday 16 October
Metaphorical Materialism (Carl Andre & Robert Smithson)
Dominic Rahtz (University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury)

Friday 06 November
Launch of Walter Benjamin & Bertolt Brecht: The Story of a Friendship
Erdmut Wizisla (Brecht-Benjamin Archive, Berlin)
This will take place at Birkbeck, Malet St, Room B02/03, & follows a one day conference on the book organised by Esther Leslie

Wednesday 25 November
American Poetry, the Historical Materialism of Ideology, & the Great War
Tim Dayton (Kansas State University)
This seminar will take place in the SR3, History of Art Department, UCL, 21-22 Gordon Square

Friday 18 December
One Dimensional Woman: A Critique of Contemporary Consumer Feminism
Nina Power (Roehampton University)

All seminars start at 5.30pm, and are held in the Wolfson Room (unless otherwise indicated) at the Institute of Historical Research in Senate House, Malet St, London. The seminar closes at 7.30pm and retires to the bar.

Organisers: Matthew Beaumont, Warren Carter, Steve Edwards, Maggie Gray, Owen Hatherley, Andrew Hemingway, Esther Leslie, David Mabb, Antigoni Memou, Pete Smith, Frances Stracey & Alberto Toscano.

For further information, contact Andrew Hemingway, at: or Esther Leslie at:

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