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Daily Archives: August 18th, 2009

Red Once More

Red Once More



A message from Rich Gibson

Dear Friends

Remember the closing date for nominations for the Rouge Forum Steering Committee is September 1. Email nominations to RF Community Coordinator Adam Renner at:

Our No Blood For Oil, complete with those good-for-the-rest-of-your-life No Blood For Oil and Pyramid of the Capitalist System posters is updated at: and the latest Rouge Forum News is now on our blog at

The core issue of our time is the relationship of rising color-coded social and economic inequality challenged by the potential of mass class-conscious resistance.

On The Perpetual War Front:

* Afghan US Commander: The Taliban is Winning:
“Gen. Stanley McChrystal warned that means U.S. casualties, already running at record levels, will remain high for months to come.”

* McClatchey: More and More Mercs to Af-Pak:

* Dave Phillips Gazette on War Criminals Here and There:

* How do they get that way? “Kill the pig, Cut her throat, Spill her blood.

On The Social and Economic Collapse Front:

* Posner: It is a Depression and it is Not Over:

* In Michigan, Jail Means Jobs:



On The Education Agenda is a War Agenda and the Education Stim is a Merit Pay Stim Front:

* WSJ on the “Race to the Top, Who’ll Blink First?” The Stimulus Package is a Merit Pay Package, and a War Package

* Both the liberal NY Times and the slightly less liberal LA Times have editorialized repeatedly for merit pay. The demagoguge, Obama, who has betrayed every promise made to his sometimes hysterical believers, set up this equation: Education Stimulus=Merit Pay=More Reliance on Anti-working class high-stakes exams=deeper segregation=gutting educator pay=uneducated kids=war+bad jobs.,0,6840948.column

* Stimulus Summary County By County:
This is not a crisis, not a crisis, not a crisis:

* McClatchey: Nobody Knows Where the Tarp Dough Goes:

* The Corporate State Behind Goldman Sachs:



On The Maybe Foucault Was on to Something After All Front (and don’t forget Debord):

* Surveillance Files: TSA is Watching You:–travelers-prepare-for-more-stringent-ID-rules

* This is fascism: a liberal analysis:

* Fascism and the Academy:

* What is fascism? A radical analysis and another tied to schooling:

* Town Hall Spectacles Everywhere on all Sides:



On the Coming Soon–the End of Detroit Front:

* Michigan’s Democratic Governor appointed Bob Bobb a Broad Foundation employee active earlier in Oakland and D.C. to run the finances of the Detroit Public Schools, awash for decades in corruption and incompetence. Bobb interprets his mandate as, “everything.” He’s fighting with the inept but elected School Board over who holds power while the district collapses around all of them. Bobb is surrounded by small crooks at every level, true, but the bigger crook is Bobb, whose job is to restore some sense of order, get the books in line, and to fashion a black school system that will produce children fit and willing to fight in imperialist wars or accept bad jobs, no jobs, or jail. Still, Bobb has some ethical problems of his own. He awarded his former employer a near $1 million no-bid contract.

More on Detroit’s collapse soon.

On the Fight Don’t Starve Resistance Front:

* Pasadena Kids, “We ain’t got the do-re-mi”

* French Workers Actually Fight Layoffs:,0,7784068.story
and resistance pays.

* Chino Goes Up:



Please Note This Important Education Resistance Meeting:

* Resist Taking the California Star Test. Freedom in Education Meeting. Fresno State. 11 to 6 on August 29th. Lunch and Dinner Provided. Contact Joe Lucido: 559-225-1888. Join Us!

Thanks to Susan, Adam, Gina, Amber, George and Sharon, Tina, Bob A, Tommie, Donna, Linda, Candace, Della, Teeyah, Victoria, Bill B and G, Sandy and Van, MrJ, Wayne, Perry, Steve, Marc, Curry, Melinda, Sherry, Elvira, Patsy, Ricky, Chuck, Joey, Johnny B, Kim, Kelly, Marisol, Enrnesto, Keenan, Reggy B and Ina Y, Denny, Bruce, Debbie, Alan, Jim, Arelia, Jim O, and Dr. Divine.

Good luck to us, every one.
Rich Gibson

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Flow of Ideas:

Polygraph 21

Polygraph 21



Study, Students, Universities

Issue Editors: Luka Aarsenjuk and Michelle Koerner

Introduction: Available as a PDF file, Luka Arsenjuk and Michelle Koerner

Creating Commons: Divided Governance, Participatory Management, and Struggles Against Enclosure in the University, Isaac Kamola and Eli Meyerhoff

Surplus Knowledge; or, Can We Teach Today? Juliet Flower MacCannell

Destinies of the University, Alessandro Russo, Translated by Roberta Orlandini

Risky Business: Why Public Is Losing to Private in American Research, Christopher Newfield

The Financialization of Student Life: Five Propositions on Student Debt, Morgan Adamson

Axiomatic Equality: Jacques Rancière and the Politics of Contemporary Education, Nina Power

A ‘Nueva Politicidad’, A Different Epistemology: An Introduction to ‘Colectivo Situaciones’ and ‘Universidad Trashumante’, Beatriz Llenin-Figueroa

An Elephant at School and Other Texts, Colectivo Situaciones, Translated by Beatriz Llenin-Figueroa

Walking the Other Country: Reflections on ‘Trashumancia’ and Popular Education, Universidad Trashumante, Translated by Beatriz Llenin-Figueroa

On Study: A ‘Polygraph’ Roundtable Discussion with Marc Bousquet, Stefano Harney, and Fred Moten, Available as a PDF file.

Universities in France: Forty Years After May ’68, Renaud Bécot, Translated by Justin Izzo

The Gated Campus, Its Borderless Subjects, and the Neighborhood Nearby, Gökçe Günel, Books in Review

Marc Bousquet, How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation (2008), Available as a PDF file, Review by Gerry Canavan

Antonio Negri, The Porcelain Workshop: For a New Grammar of Politics (2008); Paolo Virno, Multitude: Between Innovation and Negation (2008); Christian Marazzi, Capital and Language: From the New Economy to the War Economy (2008), Review by Alex Greenberg

John R. Betz, After Enlightenment: The Post-Secular Vision of J. G. Hamann (2009), Review by Lucas Perkins

‘Polygraph’ 21 is at:

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Flow of Ideas: