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Daily Archives: August 8th, 2009





Circulated by Jonathan Pugh, Director, The Spaces of Democracy and the Democracy of Space” network:

Interdisciplinary Workshop on ‘Disciplining Dissent’, Verdon Smith Room, Institute for Advanced Studies, Royal Fort House University of Bristol, United Kingdom, 18-19 September 2009

Recent years have seen an upsurge of scholarly interest in the activities and significance of the activist groups and resistance movements which have come to be associated with ‘anti-globalisation’ politics.  Whilst analyses of the diverse assemblages, solidarity movements and activist networks involved in resisting neoliberal globalisation and promoting alternatives are an important addition to literatures on globalisation and global politics, there has been a tendency in some of this work to romanticise the activities and transformative capacities of these groups and networks.  What is often missing from the analysis is consideration of the formal and informal forms of discipline that operate towards, within and through resistance movements – be it through coercive repression, through interventions to co-opt social movements, or through the production of particular resisting subjects.

We are organising an interdisciplinary workshop at the University of Bristol on 18-19 September 2009 that will explore the different forms of discipline and power that operate towards, within and through contemporary resistance movements.  The workshop builds on a panel session at the British International Studies Association Annual Conference in Exeter in December 2008 and a collaborative workshop held at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in New York in February 2009 that explored these themes.  It will bring together scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds who share an interest in the ways in which contemporary forms of political dissent, such as those represented by ‘anti’- or ‘alter-globalisation movement(s)’, are both disciplined and disciplining.

Selected papers from the workshop will be published in a special issue of the journal Globalizations, which will be dedicated to the theme of Disciplining Dissent. 

The workshop fee is £30 (with a discounted rate of £20 for research students/low incomes) and includes lunch and refreshments on both days. 

For more details, and to download a registration form, please go to   Registration forms must be returned to Louise Chambers ( by Wednesday 19th August.  Places are strictly limited, and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Please contact Lara Coleman ( and Karen Tucker ( if you require any further information.

The workshop is generously supported by:

The Anarchist Studies Network:

The Global Insecurities Centre at the Department of Politics, University of Bristol:

Roberts Skills Fund ( University of Bristol )

The University of Bristol Alumni Foundation:

The University of Bristol’s Institute for Advanced Studies – Research Student Interdisciplinary Events and Fast -Track Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship Schemes:

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For Radical Politics Today magazine:

For more on the book ‘What is radical politics today?’ published20in 2009 by Palgrave MacMillan:

Jonathan Pugh, Senior Academic Fellow, Director “The Spaces of Democracy and the Democracy of Space” network, School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, 5th Floor Claremont Tower, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, United Kingdom, Honorary Fellow, The Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster

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The Flow of Ideas:

Paulo Freire

Paulo Freire



I am excited about the emergence of a new journal, Critical Education that is edited by Sandra Mathison and E. Wayne Ross, and hosted by the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of British Columbia. I wish this journal every success.

Glenn Rikowski 

Critical Education is an international peer-reviewed journal, which seeks manuscripts that critically examine contemporary education contexts and practices. Critical Education is interested in theoretical and empirical research as well as articles that advance educational practices that challenge the existing state of affairs in society, schools, and informal education.

Critical Education is at:

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John Brown

John Brown








US Becomes Coalition of One In Iraq 
Senate May Drop Public Health Care Option: 
And what has The One done for the rubes, saps, and hysterics who poured out for him? Expanded wars. Bombed Pakistan. Gave $12.9 trillion to the banks with no oversight. Abandoned public health care. Regimented education via a merit-pay stimulus. Gave about 1.4 million of them joblessness. 
Afghan War Spreads to Residential Areas: 
$78 Billion For War Crimes:,0,6453699.story 
Detroit Public Schools Gutted, 1/3 of Staff Fired (including DFT leaders), 17 Schools go Private on Public Payroll: 
December 2 this year will mark the 150th anniversary of the hanging of John Brown. From his last speech: “Had I interfered in the manner which I admit, and which I admit has been fairly proved (for I admire the truthfulness and candor of the greater portion of the witnesses who have testified in this case), had I so interfered in behalf of the rich, the powerful, the intelligent, the so-called great, or in behalf of any of their friends, either father, mother, brother, sister, wife, or children, or any of that class, and suffered and sacrificed what I have in this interference, it would have been all right; and every man in this court would have deemed it an act worthy of reward rather than punishment.” 

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