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Daily Archives: July 11th, 2009


Call for contributions to Politics and Culture: An International Review of Books

Politics and Culture is a free, on-line journal edited by Amitava Kumar and Michael Ryan.

Its winter edition of 2009 will entitled “On the critical” and will contain articles that focus on the conditions of possibility of critique, on Cultural Studies’ capacities to generate critiques, or on explicitly critical analysis of cultural and political practices. Contributions may for instance address different conceptualizations and fields of critique, they can interrogate some of its articulations, claims and forms of interpellation, or they can question the position, identity or practice of the critic. Theoretical as well as empirical work will both be included.

Apart from a series of essays and book reviews focussing on the critical, we also welcome other European contributions to Cultural Studies in the widest possible sense. Both notions (“Europe” and “Cultural Studies”) are used in a non-restrictive and open way, guaranteeing a diversity of approaches and geographies.

The editorial team for this edition consists of Joke Bauwens (VuBrussels), Nico Carpentier (VuBrussels), Peter Csigo (Hungarian Academy of Science), Tanja Thomas (ULueneburg), Sofie Van Bauwel (UGhent) and Fabian Virchow (UMarburg / Paris-Lodron-University).

Both essays and book reviews will be included in the winter edition of Politics and Culture, and should all be about 2000 words in length.

Potential authors who wish to express their interest in publishing a book review or an essay are requested to contact Nico Carpentier as soon as possible at Proposals for book reviews need to include the name of the author, the book(s) to be reviewed, and the estimated length. Proposals for short essays need to include a 100-word abstract.

All book reviews and essays will need to be send to the editorial team (for review) by ultimately September 15, 2009, and final versions of the texts will have to be ready on November 1, 2009.

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

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