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C-SAP Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education Special Interest Group


“Podcasting Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education”

Date: 3rd July 2009, 10:00 – 3:30.

Venue: Aston University, Main Building, Room 404C,

Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 2ET

The C-SAP – Critical Pedagogy/Popular Education Special Interest Group (SIG) seeks to hold a day seminar to expand upon ideas discussed at its 20 February 2009 event 

Whilst the prior event explored the relevance and importance of the bodies of ideas known as Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education for HE teachers and educators, the 3 July event seeks to take forward the discussion from that day with a slightly different focus.  In 2008 Dr Gurnam Singh, one of the members of the SIG, obtained funding from C-SAP to develop a series of podcasts on themes associated with Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education. Gurnam, with, support from other colleagues, has now completed a series of 8 podcasts that will provide the basis for the day’s activities. The day will be divided into two sessions, with the morning session bringing together as many as possible of those who participated in making the dialogical podcasts with Gurnam will discuss the significance of this process for themselves and the wider audience. The afternoon will focus on the work of the Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education SIG to both publicise the availability of the material on the C-SAP website and consider the wider issues raised by the podcasts.


 The programme of the day will be as follows:

10:00 Coffee and welcome

10:30 – 11:15 Overview of Podcasting Project: Gurnam Singh will offer a general overview of the project, what he sought to achieve and what came out of it.

11:15   – 12:30 Responses from Interviewees in which the issues raised within the interviews will be discussed.

12:30 – 1:30 Lunch

1:30 – 3:30 Developing and Extending the work of the Special Interest Group.

This discussion aims to respond to the prior event and is entitled, “We have the analysis, now what do we do with it?”

Much of what happens in academia concerns discussion and analysis of the current situation in which we find ourselves.  Whilst this is essential work, as Critical Pedagogy is not just a method but a practice, we also want to think about how we build a bridge between theory and practice, in other words how can Critical Pedagogy and Popular Education be used as means to facilitate real change in HE today. 

Cost and who can attend: The workshop is free for participants and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The event is primarily aimed at HE teachers and students.

If you would like to attend please contact Sarah Amsler:  

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