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Schools and Bonus Culture



It is not surprising that hand-in-hand with the business takeover of schools we find business-like reward schemes developing. Hank Roberts exposed an emerging bonus culture in schools in England at the Association of Teachers & Lecturers conference yesterday. New Labour Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, supports such a policy, it seems. See more from the stories below:   



Anthea Lipsett and Polly Curtis, ‘City greed and bonus culture ‘infecting state schools’’, 7th April, The Guardian



Daily Mail Reporter, ‘State school headteacher enjoyed £130,000 in ‘City-style’ bonuses, 7th April, Daily Mail



Graeme Paton, ‘Bonus culture ‘banking sickness’ spreading to state schools, ATL conference told’, 6th April, The Daily Telegraph



Alison Smith, ‘Secondary head picks up bonuses’, 7th April, BBC News



Tristan Kirk, ‘Copland school defends bonus policy’, 7th April, Harrow Times



Tim Ross, ‘A leading London headteacher who took home at least £130,000 in bonuses employed three family members at his school, a whistleblower claimed today’, 7th April, London Evening Standard,000+bonuses+puts+his+family+on+the+payroll/



Kat Baker, ‘Schools criticised for City-style bonuses, 7th April, Personnel Today



Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Flow of Ideas:


  1. Interesting that Hank Roberts chose to make the revelations at a Union conference, isn’t it?
    He’s up for election as Vice Predsident of the union, isn’t he?
    Nice cushy number, eh? Office, car, nice pension, I’m sure.
    Of course, I and all other members of staff were not told of the bonuses by Hank – might have ruined his headline, mightn’t it?
    We know Sir Alan’s considerable price; Hank’s is a bit lower but certainly appealing.
    It’s nice he’s there sticking up for our principles.
    Or something like that.

  2. What’s your problem? Hank had to announce it at the conference to ensure maximum exposure. Just remember that Hank isn’t guilty of paying himself hundreds of thousands of pounds in ‘unlawful’ bonuses to himself (and his family) while the school continues to fall in to disrepair. Btw, many of us have known for sometime about the bonuses BEFORE it was announced at the conference. Maybe your head was too far up Davies’ a*se to hear about them.

      • none of ur business!
      • Posted September 14, 2009 at 10:32 pm
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      i would suggest copland teacher 2 that u watch what u accuse ppl of! SIR alan was not responsible for awarding himself anything- thats not his job! his job was to award ALL of you lot bonuses, be it small or large and u all bloody took it! and u all took ur open bar at xmas parties and invites to the house of commons!as for family-there are a minimum of 50 other family members employed at copland that have again received money so why only target him! nice witch hunt i feel by a very jealous man! HOWS UR SCHOOLS NEW CAR PARKING BY THE WAY! NICE WALK?! u negative back stabbers that have turned ur back on SIR alan all deserve whats coming! have a good xmas when ur 2 RR points get taken away and redundancies r made! ho ho ho!

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