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Daily Archives: December 3rd, 2008

Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies

New Issue


Volume 6, Number 2:
December 2008


Philip E. Kovacs, H.K. Christie
The Gates’ Foundation and the Future of U.S. Public Education: A Call for Scholars to Counter Misinformation Campaigns



Richard Hatcher
Selling Academies: local democracy and the management of ‘consultation’



James Avis
Class, economism, individualisation and Post Compulsory Education and Training



John Walsh
The Critical Role of Discourse in Education for Democracy



Anthony J. Nocella
Emergence of Disability Pedagogy



Paul J. Welsh
Social Deprivation, Community Cohesion, Denominational Education and Freedom of Choice: A Marxist Perspective on Poverty and Exclusion in the District of Thanet



Christian Fuchs and Marisol Sandoval
Positivism, Postmodernism, or Critical Theory? A Case Study of Communications Students’ Understandings of Criticism



Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz, Aura Mor-Sommerfeld, Tamar Zelniker, Faisal Azaiza
From ethnic segregation to bilingual education: What can bilingual education do for the future of the Israeli Society?



Anita Trnavcevic
The imaginary of commodified education: Open days at Slovenian grammar schools



Stephen P. Gordon, John Smyth, Julie Diehl
The Iraq War, ‘Sound Science,’ and ‘Evidence-Based’ Educational Reform: How the Bush Administration Uses Deception, Manipulation, and Subterfuge to Advance its Chosen Ideology



Charlie Cooper
Review Essay: Neoliberalism, education and strategies of resistance



Ashwani Kumar
Review Essay of Ross, E.W., & Gibson, R. (Eds.). (2007). Neoliberalism and Education Reform. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.



Terry Wrigley
review of E. Wayne Ross and Rich Gibson eds.(2007) Neoliberalism and education reform. Creskill NJ: Hampton Press



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Progress or Regress?

The Future of the Left under Obama


FREE and open to the public

Saturday, December 6th 2008




Silver Center (NYU)
Room 405
100 Washington Square East




Panelists include:

Chris Cutrone (Platypus)
Stephen Duncombe (author of Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy)
Pat Korte (New School SDS)
Charles Post (Solidarity)
Paul Street (author of Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics, 2008)



The Platypus Affiliated Society in New York presents a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A to critically evaluate the widespread assumption that the election of Barack Obama presents an opportunity for today’s Leftists. Asking how opportunity can be distinguished from opportunism, Platypus has invited several intellectuals and activists to publicly think through the foreseeable pitfalls and potentials posed by the passing of the Bush-era into the age of Obama.



Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Rikowski web site, The Flow of Ideas is at: