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Daily Archives: November 27th, 2008

Is this the Beginning of the End?

Day School on the Crisis



Saturday 29th November
The Cowley Club
12 London Road




Anti-capitalist and libertarian perspectives on the financial crisis

Speakers, debates and discussion








What’s happening and why
The credit crunch and the housing bubble explained in simple terms 
Why is this happening? The context behind the crisis

Followed by questions/discussion



What it means for us
What happened in the 1970s’ crisis and how it relates to today 
Current workers’ struggles around the world and how they are linked to the crisis
Discussion on responses to crisis – What has happened in these situations in the past? What’s going to happen this time? How can we be prepared?
Does this open up opportunities for radical politics?



With tea, coffee and cake.


The Cowley Club is a collectively-run libertarian social centre



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