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Daily Archives: November 16th, 2008

Capitalist Decline, Financial Crises and Revolutionary Prospects




Capitalist Decline, Financial Crisis & Revolutionary Prospects
A talk by Hillel Ticktin – organised by Mute


Hillel Ticktin’s reinterpretation of Marx’s ideas enabled him to foresee the disintegration of Soviet Stalinism years before it occurred. Since then he has argued that capitalism itself is in a state of inexorable decline. During the 20th century, world wars, reformism, Stalinism and recently the credit boom successfully maintained capitalism by keeping the working class passive. But does the end of the credit boom mark the end of capitalism’s survival strategies? Will the coming recession spark a new working class movement? Come and join the debate.


Saturday 29 November, 4pm
The Whitechapel Centre
85 Myrdle St
London, E1
Nearest tubes: Whitechapel & Aldgate East


For a variety of views on the crisis see:

Mute Vol 2 #6 – ‘Living in a Bubble: Credit, Debt and Crisis’
More info:
+44 (0)20 7377 6949



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