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Volumizer Resurrection One


The Volumizer is Glenn Rikowski’s AOL blog. This was started up on 29th September 2005. On 30th September 2008, AOL announced that all of its Hometown products, including its blogs and newsletters, would be closed down on 31st October 2008. Glenn’s articles, many of which were written for his students in Education Studies in the School of Education at the University of Northampton (especially the EDU3004 module, ‘Education, Culture & Society’), will be preserved at The Flow of Ideas. Work has begun on this project, and the first five articles are now available, as listed below:







Rikowski, G (2008) Education Incorporated: New Labour, the Knowledge Economy and Education, London, 3rd February, online at: Incorporated







Rikowski, G. (2005) Hutton’s E-Foss, London, 23rd November, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2005) Habituation of the Nation: School Sponsors as Precursors to the Big Bang? London, 19th October, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2005) Second Time as Farce: From GM Schools to Independent Ones, London, 9th October, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2005) Kids in the Land of No Dreams, London, 7th October, online at:

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