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Heterodox Economics and Sustainable Development, 20 years on

11th Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Call for papers

9-12 July, 2009

Kingston University, London

The Eleventh Anniversary Conference of the Association of Heterodox Economics (AHE) will be held at Kingston University, London from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th July 2009.

In more than ten years the AHE has established a reputation as a major national and international forum for the discussion of alternatives to mainstream economics, and for the interdisciplinary and pluralistic nature of its discussions. It is also contributing to strengthening the community of heterodox economists, and to the development of heterodox economic theory on various themes through the dissemination of ideas and arguments.

This year, the Conference theme is Heterodox Economics and Sustainable Development, twenty years on. Sustainable development is the main challenge facing humankind for this century. The recognition of fundamental failures within mainstream economics and discontent amongst people concerned about environmental problems are widespread. This make the case for alternatives, interdisciplinarity and pluralism, i.e. all the core standpoints of the AHE movement. The aim of this conference is to offer an overview of the current insights of heterodox approaches to sustainability issues and to serve as a call to action to the heterodox community to begin to pull together a coherent perspective that would permit conscientious and productive consideration of problems.


In that perspective we particularly encourage submissions on:

(1) The state of the art on sustainable development and in particular the meaning of being heterodox with respect to this challenge.

(2) The state of heterodox approaches on sustainability issues in the broadest sense (including both environmental and social concerns), including Critical Realism, Ecological Economics, Feminist Economics, Green Economics, Institutional economics, Marxian economics, Post-Keynesian economics, and Social Economics.

(3) The potential trade-offs and/or synergies between various heterodox perspectives on sustainability issues.

(4) The need for engagement in the wider public sphere, including the theme of education for sustainable development.


The conference invites submissions of single papers or sessions which conform to these aims, or address other issues in the social sciences from standpoints which differ from or critically examine the economic mainstream. A feature of the AHE is as a pluralist forum for dialogue, and we encourage proposals for sessions which address a single issue or theme from a variety of viewpoints or disciplines.

The international character of the conference has been a vital factor in its growing success. Scholars requiring documentation in support of visa or funding applications should indicate this in their initial submission. At present the AHE regrets that it has no funds to provide financial support, but is actively seeking it and welcomes proposals from participants regarding organizations for the AHE contact in search of support for participants from outside the US and European Union.

To facilitate dialogue and timetabling, participants whose initial submission is successful must provide a full paper by the deadline of Sunday 3rd May. They should also register by Sunday June 7th, and will be expected to take part in at least two full days of the conference, in order to be included in the final programme. Participants should also be prepared to serve as discussants and/or session chairs.

This year poster sessions will also be organized for postgraduate or postdoctoral students who would like to discuss their work with others but are not yet in a position to provide a full paper.

The conference language is English.


Guidelines for Submission

This year there will be two types of session, normal sessions and poster sessions.

Normal sessions will be 90 minutes long and will usually consist of two papers with at least one discussant. Arrangements for poster sessions, which are intended to encourage new work by postgraduate or postdoctoral students, will depend on the number of submissions and will be announced nearer the date of conference.

Proposals for single papers: please send an abstract of not more than 500 words by email only to the local organiser Julian Wells (, AND the AHE coordinator, Alan Freeman ( Text, HTML, Word and PDF format attachments are acceptable. Please indicate in your submission whether your paper is intended for a normal or poster session.

Proposals for complete sessions: please send a description of the session of not more than 500 words together with the names and email addresses of the proposed speakers, and attaching abstracts for their presentations of not more than 500 words each for each paper. Please send these by email only to Julian Wells and Alan Freeman, as above.


Proposals for either single papers or complete sessions should be received by Sunday 8th February 2009.

The AHE Committee will consider all abstracts and will notify you of acceptance or rejection of your proposal by Monday 23rd February 2009.

Those whose abstracts have been accepted for a normal session must send their full paper by Sunday 3rd May 2009 and must register, for a minimum of two days of the conference, by Sunday 7th June 2009.

To see details of previous conferences, and to keep up to date with the 2009 conference and other AHE activities please visit:


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