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Daily Archives: October 14th, 2008


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Jon Berry


Jubilation in secondary schools!

Despair in the primaries


The Anti-SATs Alliance believes that this is how today’s announcement by Minister Ed Balls, that KS3 SATs are to be scrapped with immediate effect, will be felt in school communities.

Teachers and parents of secondary age students will join them in joyful release at this news.
“At last we are freer to get on with some real teaching”, claims Harrow High School Assistant Headteacher Jo Lang.

Sidcup mum Teresa Grey was elated. “Not a moment too soon!” she said. “Consistent fear of failure has marred both my children’s experience of school. They both excel at things which are not covered by SATs.”

Daughter Eleanor is in Year 8. “It’s really good news because SATs are so boring,” she sighed, “and they put us under unnecessary pressure.”

But Leeds mother Sally Kincaid was not so happy. “The last year of primary school should be the most exciting time to learn for a young person, but my daughter will spend hour after hour rehearsing SATs in Year 6.”

Rosa herself was delighted to learn that these would be her last SATs, but upset that she will still have to go through with them in 2009.

Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen observed that, “None of the media interviewers ever seem able to ask the government why it’s OK for English children to have to do SATs but Welsh and Scots kids don’t have to do ’em. Interestingly, Jim Knight talks of ‘the country’ doing SATs.  er…I don’t think so, ackcherly.”

Edinburgh University academic and author Terry Wrigley said that, “This is a tribute to a sustained anti-SATs campaign, as well as a sign that the government are desperate to recover some popularity. It helps to open up some more space for real education.”

NUT Acting General Secretary Christine Blower said: ““Now I would like him to understand that the whole testing system needs fundamental change. I call on Ed Balls to suspend all primary school tests and commission a comprehensive and independent review of testing and assessment, and to include fully all school communities in that review.”

The ANTI-SATs ALLIANCE will continue to campaign against the retention of these pernicious tests in KS1 and KS2.


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